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Sandler presents insulating nonwovens

Sandler is presenting a range of nonwovens for acoustic insulation in the home and at the office, for transportation and for filtration.

These textile solutions provide for a quieter everyday work life in office partitions, additionally functioning as a design feature for individual room design.

The product range offers the right acoustic nonwoven for every application: soft and voluminous or self-supporting and compact; with an open-pore surface of especially smoothed; white, black or a marble-like shade in color – these textiles can be adapted to customer requirements.

Sandler nonwovens are designed to ensure a comfortable drive, particularly on long trips. Efficient acoustical absorbers dampen engine and driving noise, providing for a pleasant noise level. New advanced nonwovens achieve this level of sound insulation at low product thickness. Lightweight exterior shadow absorber nonwovens are not only acoustically efficient at low product thickness, they also feature hydro- and oleophobic properties, particularly for exterior applications in wheel house liners or underride guards.

Nonwovens for seat upholstery in vehicles are air-permeable and moisture resistant. These materials contribute to an optimum micro-climate of the seat. The latest development in this product line features a particularly soft, bulky and foam-like quality. Quilted with leather, this nonwoven produces an especially pronounced 3D-quilt-look.

Sandler will present these materials at Techtextil, Germany, May 9 to 12, 2017.