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Staubli to showcase at the DTG Textile & Garment Machinery expo, Dhaka

Stäubli, the Swiss mechatronics company, well known for its textile machinery will participate in the 15th Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition from February, 8 to 11, 2018 at BICC. They will be exhibiting their know-how at their agent Spintex Technology’s booth. On display will be machinery and system solutions that permit optimisation of workflow in textile mills to create enhanced quality output and profit from increased time saved.

The automatic warp tying machine Topmatic 201 PC has an integrated double-end-detection that works even with flat warps without lease. Its tying speed can deliver 600 knots per minute. In addition to its rapidity the owner profits from the machine’s durability/sturdiness and flexibility.

The large product portfolio include solutions for frame weaving with air-jet, water-jet, rapier and projectile weaving machines. The range includes e.g. the new robust 1691 cam motion that is available with up to 8 lifting units, at a pitch of 12mm. Weavers can swiftly produce high quality fabric as the machine assures gentle warp treatment.

Its automatic and fully integrated levelling device prevents overstretching the warp and avoids start-up marks. Due to interchangeable cams, weavers profit further from enhanced flexibility as they can use the same cams for creating either a warp/weft effect.

Regarding electronic rotary dobbies, Stäubli is offering the new generation of reliable state-of-the-art dobbies S3000/S3200. These series feature the new concept of selection of heald frames by locking and are compatible with standard weaving machines. Using less footprint and maintenance these machines operate at highest production speeds whilst deliving less noise and vibration. There are over 30,000 S3000/S3200 dobbies in service around the world today.

Flat, terry or technical weave – the SX and LX Jacquard machine masters any application and adapts to all types of air jet, rapier, and water jet machines, the SX Jacquard machine produces excellent results in the form of terry cloth, decorative material, tapestry, silk fabric, apparels or seat covers.

With its optimised housing and performant lifting mechanism the machine operates reliably within the most demanding conditions in weaving mills. The maximum number of hooks for the Jacquard designs is 25,600, or 51,200 hooks by combining two machines.