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Touchpoint, Spinnova collaborate to develop sustainable workwear collection

Touchpoint and Spinnova have jointly launched an apron. The objective of the collaboration is to make the world’s most sustainable workwear collection. The apron named Tapio is 100 per cent wood-based, made without harmful chemicals, and quickly biodegradable. The apron can be recycled into new fiber in the Spinnova process, without dismantling. The apron contains no materials that shed microplastics and has no plastic or metal parts to weaken its recyclability. The apron is also undyed and uncoated.

Touchpoint is a Finnish pioneer in sustainable workwear. It is also building a closed-loop solution for domestic textile waste in the B2B segment. The recycling facility, Rester, starts operating in the beginning of 2021. Spinnova, also from Finland, is a sustainable fiber company that has developed an ecological breakthrough technology for manufacturing cellulose-based textile fiber. Spinnova’s patented technology includes zero harmful chemicals and zero waste or side streams, making the fiber and the production method the most sustainable in the world. The fiber is also recyclable with the Spinnova process without harmful chemicals. Spinnova’s raw material commitment is to only use certified wood or waste streams.

The apron’s most interesting circular feature is the fact that the apron can be recycled into new fiber in the Spinnova process without dismantling.


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