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Trade union a right, ILO tells Bangladesh

The International Labor Organisation has asked Bangladesh to simplify the process of registration trade unions so that the workers can enjoy the freedom of association. ILO says standard operating procedures should be devised to render the registration process a simple formal requirement, not subject to discretionary authority, and one that does not set out to become an obstacle to registration.

Regarding labor laws in the export processing zones, ILO suggests full freedom of association including the right to form free and independent trade unions. ILO suggests promoting harmonisation of the labor law throughout the country so that the rights, inspections, judicial reviews and enforcement are equal for all workers and employers.

The labor rights watchdog suggests efforts in awareness raising and capacity building of workers and employers in relation to constructive social dialogue on labor rights should continue. A public database to track unfair labor practice complaints should be established and steps should be taken to enquire into and address them.

One of the steps for processing of applications for registration is to compare the signatures of workers on the application and on the employer’s list. This, says ILO, is extremely time-consuming. It wants a public database to be set up which would include all relevant information on the submission and resolution of registration requests, including the reasons for rejection of applications.