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Upcoming Intertextile Shenzhen to showcase trends for S/S 2021 & A/W 2021-22


Upcoming Intertextile Shenzhen to showcase trends for SS 2021To be held concurrently with the first Shenzhen edition of Yarn Expo, as well as CHIC and PH Value, Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel Fabrics will offer China a comprehensive, convenient platform for sourcing between seasons. The rebranded expo will be held from July 15-17, 2020 at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. Over 2,000 exhibitors will attend the exhibition spanning 60,000 sq mt. 

Broad product display for myriad visitors

Exhibitors at Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel Fabrics will showcase a wide variety of products including  cotton, wool, silk, linen, ramie, man-made, knitted, coated fabrics, lingerie and swimwear fabrics, functional fabrics, printed fabrics, fibers and yarns, embroidery and lace, accessories, textile-related CAD/CAM/CIM technology, design and styling agencies, and fashion & textile trade publication. 

Visitors will include garment manufacturers, trading companies. import and export corporations, wholesalers and distributors, agents, department stores, retailers and store chains, buying offices, fiber producers, spinners and weavers, trade association, interior designers, textile institutes, etc. Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel Fabrics will also host a series of fringe programs with numerous highlights such as special forum and knowledgeable seminars to add extra value for the presence of its visitors.

International trends for Spring/Summer 2021

The fringe program at Intertextile Shenzen Apparel Fabrics will host a presentation of the international trends for spring/summer 2021 by the Intertextile Directions Trend Committee. These trends will focus on the themes: Sobriety, Preservations, Diversity and Spontaneity.Upcoming Intertextile Shenzhen to showcase trends for SS 2021 2

Sobriety:  Embracing the notion of inclusivity, the Sobriety theme will reveal raw and poetic humanity through its sheer and natural tone. Introducing an era of natural elegance, refined imperfections and smart preciousness, the theme will focus on luminescent colors with delicate skin tones to create a sensual and charming effect. Fabrics displayed in this theme will be lightweight fabrics with clean surfaces and refined textures. They will have a lustrous and iridescent finishing of tulles, laces and mesh. The softly sketched flowers and foliage on these fabrics will evoke a sense of modern romance while irregular strips printed on evanescent textures, delicate pastel travel engravings and ephemeral optical draws will add a touch of reality to the collection. 

Preservations: Emphasizing on the return to natural fibers, Preservations theme will focus on simple work wear and durable innovative essentials. Colors in this theme will be vegetal khakis and greens in different tones as the base and natural neutrals and warm browns as complements. The focus will be on simple work wear fabrics like cottons, linens and denims. These fabrics will have a lightly stone washed and raised finishing with stretch. They will be rainproof, windproof and breathable with exotic stripes, lightweight madras checks and modern ikat stripes. 

Spontaneity: This theme will reveal a cheerful and joyful way of rediscovering adolescence by mixing strong primary light shades with reassuring essential nostalgic neutrals. Fabrics will include a confluence of artificial and natural preppy cottons, triacelate, linens, poplins, piques, compacts and serges. These fabrics will have chambrays and pencil strips on them and will give a fresh look to circular knitting. 

Diversity: Here the focus is on an expressionist lifestyle through its synthetic inspired colors that will be mixed with deep pigments and  earthy shades. Reds and Browns will be combined with indigo blues with metallic yarns and neon accents being used on rustic fabrics such as cotton, linen, cupro, paper. The theme will highlight summer blends of worsted wool with silk and recycled nylon with wide bicolored stripes, push giant expressive motives and multi-colored jungle leaves. 

Sneak peek into Autumn/Winter 2021-22 trends

Upcoming Intertextile Shenzhen to showcase trends for SS 2021 3The Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics will also give visitors a comprehensive preview of the seasons ahead with a sneak peak at the Autumn/Winter 2021-22 trends. These trends will focus on four themes:  of Feel Good, Impact, Preservation and Lyric.

Feel Good: Aiming to create a retrospective feeling for tenderness, the Feel Good theme will focus on soft neutral and gentle tones. The fabrics in focus will be recycled, protective, inflated and padded fabrics that give the wearer a warmer and cozier look. The fabrics will mostly comprise tweeds, lightweight blends of wool, cashemere and silk. Highlight jersey and sparkling materials with goblins and layered prints. 

Impact: Blending beauty with dynamism, Impact will showcase ultra bright colors mixed with masculine neutrals. Fabrics will mainly comprise recycled polyester and cotton, quilted polyamide, liquid polyamide and Lycra. These fabrics will have laser, enamel embossed finishing and technical processes with extravagant prints. 

Preservation: Emphasizing on the values of honesty, integrity and individuality, Preservation will focus on a sensitive color palette nurtured by the natural elements of earth and forests. The fabrics displayed under this theme will include natural blends with alpaca and camel hair. They will also include bulky wovens with fancy checks and bold stripes in coarse wool. 

Lyrics: The final theme for A/W 2021-22 will blend luxurious, historical and dramatic colors with classic dark shades. Fabrics will include dense rich satins alongwith cloque, moiré, taffeta, crushed velvet and fine chenille. The fabrics will also blend wool with silk and cashemere. The fabrics will have exquisite finishings of rare laces, extra fine tulle, metallic embroideries, sequins and rhinestone appliqués. 

Seminars on design and sustainabilityUpcoming Intertextile Shenzhen to showcase trends for SS 2021 4

Intertextile Shenzhen 2020 will also host seminars on two themes: Design & Trend and Sustainability. ‘Design & Trend’ seminar will focus on topics such as Key Fashion Trend Forcasting in China, Fabric China Trends 2021/22 AW, Interpretation of Color Trend in 2021/22 AW, Trends of New Fiber Based Yarn 2021/22 AW, Trends of Center Artificial Fur, Trends of Differential and Functional Knitted Fabrics and Trends of Shirt Fabrics. 

Sustainability will cover will topics such as sustainable fashion, Green Innovation Practices, Fabric Development Scenario, Interpretation For Sustainable Fashion, Building the Ecosystem of Quick Response Apparel Chain, Material Projection and Quick Response to Overcome the Hard Times, and New Regulations of Eco Passport and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX in 2020.


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