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Uptrend in nonwovens growth

The overall production of nonwovens in Europe grew by 3.6 per cent in 2015 despite an economic slowdown. Divergent trends can be observed, not only between the different Greater European markets, but also between the various production processes of nonwovens. While the output of the European Union has limited growth, some countries showed strong growth development.

The production of fiber-based materials recorded an increase of 3.1 per cent, and spun melt nonwovens recorded the highest growth rate with 4.3 per cent. The dry laid-hydro entangled process saw a seven per cent increase.

Although the main end-use for nonwovens continues to be the hygiene market, with a 31 per cent share of deliveries, the most significant growth areas for nonwovens in 2015, by tonnage sold, were recorded in automotives with nine per cent, agriculture with 11 per cent, personal care wipes with 11 per cent, food and beverages with 12 per cent, and air and liquid filtration with 17 per cent. Countering this, however, major declines were recorded in interlinings, coating substrates, and some applications for the construction markets.

A country like Turkey continued to record double-digit growth, which more than compensated for the decline recorded in some other European markets.