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US apparel imports rise by 40.14% Y-o-Y in H12922


During the first half of 2022, the US apparel imports increased by 40.14 Y-o-Y to $49.58 billion.

Particularly in June ’22, the imports grew by 40.30 per cent Y-o-Y to $8.64 billion, while the growth noted on monthly basis over May ’22 was 1.52 per cent.

As per OTEXA data, analyzed by team Apparel Resources, top six Asian countries (China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Cambodia) together exported garments worth $32.82 billion to the US in H1 ’22, which is 66.20 per cent of total import values of the US.

China remained the top shipper to the US in the period with $10.25 billion worth of apparel exports, growing by 40.15 per cent on yearly basis.

Vietnam exported garments worth$9.19 billion to the US in H1 ’22, noting 35 per cent yearly growth, while Bangladesh and India upped their shipment by 60.30 per cent and 57.27 per cent, respectively.

Indonesia stayed on fifth position and shipped $3 billion worth of garments to the US, noting 60.27 per cent yearly jump.


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