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US company Supreme develops composite yarn

Supreme, an American yarn manufacturer has unveiled a yarn called Volt. It specializes in covering yarns and has evolved considerably over the decades. It began as an elastic-covering operation and changed over the years due to the raw materials used. In the late 1980s, Supreme started working with high-strength yarns and eventually moved into cut-resistant yarns.

The core of Volt is a highly engineered composite yarn. It evolved from working with military contractors and now is moving into a variety of areas, including healthcare and sportswear. The idea for Volt came from a bonded-thread product sold for flame-resistant mattresses.

The smart yarn got a huge response from various industries, including computer chip makers, car manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, hospitals and healthcare companies. It is gaining the attention of companies that want to move into smart fabrics and wearable technology.

The first products using Volt yarns are going into military garments that track the health of soldiers. The next round may move into the greater health sector with the innovation being used in hospitals and by doctors to monitor patients’ health, perhaps even alerting them to a spike in body temperature. Supreme is now partnering with several companies that want to incorporate Volt into their product lines for 2020 or 2021.