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Vicunha Group inaugurates new sewage treatment plant


A Brazilian multinational company specialising in denim manufacturing with operations across Latin America, Europe, and Asia, the Vicunha Group has inaugurated a new sewage treatment plant that generates reusable water for its industrial processes.

Vicunha Services, a subsidiary focused on environmental services, has launched the VSA project. This Industrial Effluent Treatment and Reuse Water Production Plant is designed to serve industries in Ceará, a state located in Northeast Brazil, where Vicunha is based. The project represents an investment of approximately $12 million, a cost shared by Vicunha and Cagece, the State Water and Sewage Company of Ceará.

Beyond treating industrial effluent, the project also reuses water from treated domestic households in the cities surrounding the industrial zone. This initiative is a pioneering effort in Brazil, aiming to significantly reduce the demand for raw water from the region's natural sources.

Vicunha is committed to the UN Global Compact and, in 2020, pledged support for SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. By 2030, the company aims to enhance water use efficiency by reducing water consumption in its manufacturing operations and eliminating the use of surface water sources in Ceará. Over the past two years, the company's initiatives have already saved more than 160 million liters of water annually.

The initiative exemplifies how a public-private partnership can advance sustainability, protect the environment, and promote the economic development of the region while enhancing the well-being of the population, says Neuri Freitas, CEO, Cagece.

The VSA Project employs complex filtering and treatment processes that combine biological and physicochemical methods. This enables a significant reduction—up to 90 per cent—in the industry's reliance on water drawn from natural sources, thereby contributing to the preservation of water sources and rivers.

In addition to socio-environmental benefits, the VSA project will also foster economic development in the region by allowing other local companies to participate in the system and enjoy similar benefits.



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