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We are SpinDye develops a new dyeing method

The Swedish company, We are SpinDye has developed a new method that could revolutionize the manufacturing of synthetic fibers and thereby of pants, jackets and backpacks.

The new method involves no high use of water or heavy use of chemicals in the dyeing process. It is resource-efficient, sustainable, colorfast, and no bleaching out.

The way We are SpinDye dyes synthetic fibers is completely different from the way other textile companies do. It’s focused on sustainability and environmental protection. Above all, the immense use of water is significantly reduced by innovative procedures. Recycled plastic is melted down; the desired dye pigment is added to the undyed material. After that, yarn is produced from it in the desired strength. Clients and manufacturers can further process this yarn as usual.

We are SpinDye is offering its technology for all synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon, and also for rayon. A combination of synthetic fibers and unbleached wool can be used. There are no limits for manufacturers in further processing: The fabrics can, for example, be coated or equipped with a membrane.

The company works on the principle of the least possible damage to the environment. Use of water and chemicals is reduced to a minimum.