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Western buyers want to source closer home

Buyers in Europe and the US want to source their products either domestically or at least somewhere closer home. Buyers are always looking at ways to reduce lead times from order deliveries. Having a supply base closer to home allows greater flexibility in ordering as well as the opportunity to respond quickly to changes in market demand and emerging trends.

So, while Bangladesh manufacturers, for instance, produce apparel with six weeks’ lead time retailers could easily place an order closer to home and receive their goods sooner. A cotton spinning company based in England has established a niche for itself in the UK and Japan with customers who appreciate both quality and locality of resource.

Unlike old-fashioned retailers, most online based marketing companies are looking for and placing orders of smaller quantities while looking for high quality products. Purchasing products from the Far East carry with it risks of unfavorable currency exchange rate fluctuations, particularly with the shadow of Brexit looming over Europe which is affecting the exchange rate of both the pound sterling and the euro.

End consumers in the US, UK and Europe are attracted by the tag of domestically produced items and are even willing to pay a premium to purchase them.