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WoolProducers Australia recognizes key industry issues at IWTO Forum


At the recent Growers Forum organized by the International Wool Textiles Organization (IWTO), Jo Hall, CEO, WoolProducers Australia identified animal welfare, biosecurity, competition for land use and labor shortages as key issues faced by the industry).

An international forum for wool growing countries the IWTO Grower’s Forum provides a platform for the global wool producers to exchange ideas and discuss current issues.

Ed Storey, President, WoolProducers says, the forum can be made more active by discussing current issues and having both international and external consultations. It can discuss issues related to emissions trading schemes, Responsible Wool Standard demand, COVID impacts and trade agreements. Grower member countries represented at the forum’s June meeting included: Australia, the Falkland Islands, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay. The forum meets face-to-face on an annual basis; however, the IWTO working groups meet more frequently. The next growers forum is scheduled for the IWTO Conference next year, but work will continue out of session

Recognized by the industry as the global authority for standards in the wool textile industry since 1930, the IWTO has members from 22 countries encompassing the wool industry, and represents the interests of the world’s wool textile trade at the international level.


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