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Woven fabric export continue to spiral up in December

India’s woven fabric export continued to rise in December following a steep recovery in November. It was also higher than the levels two years ago. While spun yarn exports grew at a slow pace, the rise in fabric export shows a tremendous potential for export of value added products. Volumes rose 10 per cent to 397 million sq mt valued at $302 million. Cumulative export in the first nine months of 2017-18, was 3,190 million sq mt, a marginally down by 0.1 per cent as against the same period a year ago. In terms of value, woven fabric export was valued at $2,510 million (Rs 15,970 crore).

During December, 142 countries imported woven fabrics from India, spearheaded by Bangladesh and followed by Sri Lanka and the UAE. All three accounted for 33 per cent of the total woven fabric export during the month. Seven countries did not import any fabric as in previous year, while 16 countries imported fabric valued at $1 million this December. Afghanistan, Nepal and Paraguay were the fastest growing large markets for woven fabrics which accounted for 3 per cent of total export value in December.

Around 55 per cent of woven fabrics exported were made of 100 per cent cotton valued at $65 million (Rs 1,020 crore) with volumes at 190 million sq mt. The average unit price realisation was at $0.87 a sq mt, about US cents 5 more than a year ago period. Plain fabric exports accounted for 65 per cent of all types of woven fabrics exported in December 2017, up 6 per cent in volume year on year with shipment totalling 312 million sq mt worth $198 million. Bangladesh, UAE and Sri Lanka were the top markets for plain fabrics.

Denim was the second largest woven fabric exported in December with volumes increasing by a steep 30 per cent year on year in value rising 31 per cent to $31 million. They were largely imported by Bangladesh with Egypt and Sri Lanka following. Denim exports to Bangladesh alone was valued at $19 million.