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American Knits brings back cut and sew to the US

America Knits, which is into cut and sew, is dedicated to producing the finest quality apparel. Production focuses on premium knit tops using 100 per cent US grown ring-spun cotton. The company currently has about three large customers, including one that supplies T-shirts to the US military, and is about to start a program for a bra supplier. America Knits is committed to developing and using the most sustainable production practices available, including the use of sustainable fibers. The company currently employs 52 people and would like to employ between 120 and 150 people.

Cut and sew jobs in the United States declined steeply after 1993. And with the recent resurgence of the US textile and apparel industry, that important part of the supply chain still has some catching up to do to keep up with demand as more manufacturers continue to seek ways to reshore to the US. This cut and sew factory promises to help fill that supply chain gap. The industry is looking forward to see an expansion of cut and sew in the United States since for every one spinning job there are 16 sewing jobs downstream. It also allows the industry to reclaim jobs that have wandered offshore over the years.



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