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Candiani produces no-mess sustainable denim with

Candiani the Italian denim maker uses two ingredients to clean up denim manufacturing considerably. Kitotex, a polymer is used as an ingredient in the dyeing and finishing process. It allows the mill to cut down water and chemicals and operate at lower temperatures. The substance is biodegradable and, after the production process, it can help purify discharge water. To consumers, Kitotex offers anti-bacterial, ant-static and anti-mite benefits.

Then there is indigo juice which reduces water consumption, chemicals and energy in the laundry process. During the dyeing process, mills keep the indigo superficial on the yarn, meaning, once the jeans is washed in the laundry, only a small amount of water and energy is needed to wash it down. Indigo Juice can be used with sustainable laundry treatments, including laser, ozone and ice.

So one pair of jeans with Kitotex and indigo juice, requires 75 per cent less water than conventional denim and 65 per cent less chemicals. During washing process, Kitotex and Indigo Juice denim consume 60 per cent fewer chemicals and 83 per cent less water than conventional denim jeans that look the same. Kitotex and Indigo Juice also require fewer treatments.