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CoolVisions fiber seeks to give comfort

Today’s urbanite seeks apparels that balances form and function with fabrics that absorb moisture, provide year-round comfort, are light weight and packable, and have a sustainable profile. Textile mills and product developers are increasingly finding these characteristics in the 21st century polypropylene fiber, CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene.

CoolVisions® works well with complementary fibers and dyes easily in fabric form, in the latest colors and patterns; unlike earlier versions of polypropylene fiber, which were limited by the necessity to solution dye at the spinning source.

The features of CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene fibers are inherently soft, and among the lightest of all commercial fibers; yet provide excellent insulation. CoolVisions® outperforms all other fibers when it comes to moisture management, moving moisture and drying quickly, to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. In addition, CoolVisions® polypropylene is durable, abrasion resistant, and resists stains and bleach.

So, apparel made with CoolVisions® has the potential for a longer life, and an excellent sustainability profile. The cradle-to-factory gate carbon footprint of the CoolVisions® polymer is the lowest of all synthetic fibers. Leading the way in today’s urban apparel is performance denim; recent NPD data shows denim jeans with performance attributes winning back dollars that have been lost to athletic apparel. CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene staple fiber has been chosen by Taiwan weaver Da Kong for its line of cotton-blend denims, including a Shanghai Innovation Award-winning 3.5 oz shirting weight.

According to explained Susan Lynn, CoolVisions® global marketing manager, most CoolVisions® denims use the polypropylene fiber in the fill, so while the denims look like regular denim, you get the same coverage at a lighter weight. Typically you end up with 30 to 35 per cent polypropylene, enough to add a lot of performance attributes such as moisture management, thermal regulation, and abrasion resistance.