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DyStar’s new indigo spray & DuPont’s heating solution for outdoor clothing

Denim producers now have a new way to significantly reduce their environmental footprint due to a new indigo spray dyeing procedure for production developed by DyStar and RotaSpray. The solution was first found in 2015. Since then, DyStar and RotaSpray have been working together to develop it further and make it available for bulk production in key denim markets such as Turkey, India and Pakistan.

With the recent breakthrough, they are now introducing a salt-less dyeing solution for the denim industry that offers flexibility for dyeing small lot sizes as well as reduced water use and effluent discharge in yarn dyeing. The new spray dyeing technology combines DyStar Indigo Vat 40 per cent solution, Sera Con C-RDA organic reducing agent and optimisation of spraying parameters of the patented RotoDyer and RotoCoater spraying technology.

DyStar noted that although rotary atomisers have been in use for several decades in the textile industry, they were mainly used for rewetting textiles with moisture. But recent cost pressure and a global demand for more sustainable solutions were key motivators for R&D that led to the new product.

DuPont Advanced Materials has introduced DuPont Intexar, a powered smart clothing technology for on-body heating. Intexar Heat is a thin lightweight and durable heating solution for outdoor clothing that is designed to be easily integrated into garments. DuPont highlighted Intexar Heat in partnership with the Formosa Taffeta Company at the recent ISPO Munich trade show.

Michael Burrows, global business manager at DuPont Advanced Materials said, “Intexar Heat is a revolutionary stretchable ink and film that when powered, creates a comfortable warmth. From outdoor enthusiasts to industrial workers, Intexar Heat can help conquer the elements in comfort, increasing focus and improving performance.” Formosa Taffeta is the first textile manufacturer to take advantage of Intexar Heat technology as part of its Permawarm line.