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Ethiopia harvests 40,000 tons of cotton

Ethiopia has over 2.4 million hectares of land are suitable for cotton production. And this fiscal, over 40,000 tons of cotton were harvested. The aim is to reach 5,02,000 tons in five years and 2,596,000 tons by 2032.

Ethiopia wants to be the top cotton producer in Africa from tenth place as of now. Sustainable production practices will be promoted through awareness raising campaigns about soil erosion, efficient use of irrigation water and inputs and integrated pest management, protection of biodiversity, forests and limitation of waste.

The strategy would help enhance the development of the country’s textile and garment sector. It is targeted to attain various goals including improving textile and garment products, earning better foreign currency, job creation, utilizing the full potential of industry and increasing the contribution of the industry for GDP. It would also contribute to attracting investments, providing adequate inputs for industries and supplying cotton products for foreign markets.

The strategy would promote integrated value and help bring the cotton sector into the industrialization process and will benefit all stakeholders in general and cotton farmers in particular as it would make them more profitable. An independent entity will be established with authority to coordinate activities by various stakeholders through improving policy and institutional framework.