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Global Black Impact Summit spotlights powerhouses in sports and fashion


The Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) 2024 in Dubai on February 27 showcased the profound influence of Black excellence in sports and fashion through two riveting panel discussions. 

Moderated by Alycia Powell, Founder of Champions for Impact, the sports panel underscored the pivotal role of Black athletes in catalyzing societal transformation and fostering global unity. 

Amadou Gallo Fall, President of the Basketball Africa League, emphasized sports' unparalleled potential for effecting change, citing initiatives like Luol Deng's basketball federation, which spurs economic growth and community empowerment across Africa.

Echoing this sentiment, Sara Rehane, Founder of Africa FC, highlighted the inspirational journey of African football icons like Didier Drogba, who leverage their prominence to advocate for peace and solidarity. 

Meanwhile, the fashion panel, steered by Mayowa Adegoke, International Journalist and Speaker, delved into the imperative of representation and entrepreneurship in the fashion sphere. 

Jefferson Osey, Co-founder and CEO of Daily Paper, elucidated the profound link between attire and identity, stressing the need for platforms amplifying Black voices and fostering intergenerational legacies.

Thando Magumise, Founder of Ntombi Couture Dubai, emphasized the business acumen requisite in the fashion domain, urging entrepreneurs to safeguard their intellectual property and champion diversity through Black-owned enterprises. 

Both panels showcased the monumental impact of Black individuals, not solely as sports icons and fashion mavens, but as catalysts for social progress and economic empowerment within their communities and on a global scale.



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