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India exports kid’s wear worth $265.74 million to the US

OTEXA’s figures indicate, India exported kid’s wear worth $265.74 million to the US in 2019. That’s around 12 per cent of total kid’s wear import value of the US, which stood at $2.26 billion. India noted rise despite the US falling in its kid’s wear by 3.11 per cent on Y-o-Y basis. China, with an export value of $840.50 million, again became an epicentre of this disruption as it plunged by significant 16.05 per cent and gave an opportunity to other countries to capture the shift.

Data suggests India was able to grab the shift due to its ability of making quality kid’s wear. The closest competitor for India in the US market is Vietnam, which shipped $260.51 million worth, marking 12.18 per cent growth. It is believed that moving business from China is bound to go to Vietnam, which interestingly did not happen in kid’s wear category in 2019, if data is anything to go by.

Bangladesh’s growth too remained decent as it upped it kid’s wear export to the US by 8.18 per cent to ship $207.93 worth of kids’ apparels. Bangladesh is diversifying successfully in product categories other than basic commodities like T-shirts, trousers and shirts.