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Indian shoe exports down eight per cent

India’s footwear shipments to the US have fallen eight per cent in a year. Brazil’s footwear shipments to the US were down 13.8 per cent year on year. In 2017, the US’ imports of shoes fell 0.4 per cent from 2016.

While China remains overwhelmingly the dominant supplier, still commanding a more than 71 per cent share of US footwear imports, footwear imports from China fell 4.3 per cent in 2017 from 2016. Vietnam has a 17 per cent share of US footwear imports.

Indonesia is the third largest supplier of footwear for the US market. Its shipments last year saw a 3.62 per cent year-over-year gain. The country now holds a four per cent share of the market. In value terms, Italy, India, Mexico, Cambodia, Spain, the Dominican Republic and Brazil are among the top ten suppliers of footwear to the US. In terms of volume, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia hold the top four spots.

Cambodia accounts for a 1.2 per cent share of overall US footwear imports. By value, footwear imports from Cambodia were up 6.8 per cent over 2016. Footwear shipments from Thailand also were up 21.2 per cent last year. For other footwear-making nations, costs drove up competition and ultimately lowered their shipments.