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Japan funds Liberian textile center

Japan is funding the construction of a modern textile production center in Liberia. The center will cover 3,000 square feet, furnished with modern equipment, including power looms, industrial hand looms and polishing machines. The center is expected to further expand the Liberian textile industry.

The development of a facility dedicated to promoting the expansion of Liberia’s signature textile, known as Lofa cloth, commonly called the country cloth, will stimulate the development of the sector and contribute to meeting the growing demand for Lofa cloth.

The industry will not only be centered on cloth weaving but the development of a cotton industry and the promotion of planting and harvesting of cotton fiber, which will reduce the reliance on imported raw materials and enhance value addition within the textile industry.

The project is a symbol of the potential of the private sector. Liberians are being urged to change their consuming habits and begin buying locally all in an effort to help build Liberia.

Liberia is on the west coast of Africa. Strip woven cloths from Liberia are among the most beautiful in west Africa. Liberia incubates the most natural resources in all of West Africa, including two species of its own cotton.