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Japan’s Yamato sewing machine to reinforce its R&D activities

Japan-based Yamato Sewing Machine plans to increase its footprint in the global sewn industry in 2018. In order to pace up global changes amid soaring demand for automation, Yamato will strengthen its R&D area and solution-centric marketing activities, the sewing technology company strongly believes that 2018 will emerge as the year of massive changes as far as sewing technology trends are concerned.

Shogo Kondo, President and CEO, Yamato, says various challenges such as rising cost of production, inefficient labourers, demand for better quality and changing political scenario are pushing garment manufacturers to adopt technological solutions. He further added the company is committed to overpower these challenges by providing the exact automated solutions, which is known for the great stitch performance and highly durable machines.

Adopting a whole new strategy will enable Yamato to further reinforce the customer services. The company is also looking to brace up its dealers and distributors this year by providing them with the required training so that they could further assist the end-customers in the competitive market. Apart from technology, Yamato will also work to enhance its lean manufacturing system by introducing Toyota Production system (TPS) and Quality Management System (QMS) which are the key systems in ISO 9001:2015 throughout the year.