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Nilit sets up cogeneration power plant


Nylon producer Nilit has set up a cogeneration power plant on-site at its primary manufacturing facility in Migdal HaEmek. With natural gas as the fuel source, the plant produces cogeneration steam, which Nilit then uses to create compressed air and cold water.

The cogeneration steam has been specially engineered to allow Nilit to derive energy that fits its particular needs. Due to this, the Nilit plant can lower its natural gas use by up to 75 percent, while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent. This plant model also fully eliminates emissions of harmful gasses, including sulfur dioxide.

The plant also provides energy to other local businesses. It aims to reuse the water from the cogeneration energy creation process, further reducing its natural resource consumption.

Nilit has adopted a zero-waste strategy across its company to recycle materials used in the processing of its yarns, including packaging and byproducts of extrusion. The strategy includes ramping up capacity for its recycled nylon line Sensil EcoCare, researching and developing bio-based and biodegradable products and collaborating with sustainable apparel brands.


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