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Saurer to showcase Autoairo at CIIE

Saurer will present its new air-spinning machine Autoairo at CIIE that will be held from November 05-10, 2019.

The Autoairo features autonomous spinning positions with individual drives and integrated intelligence. Its digital piecing unit is capable of performing up to 24 piecing processes simultaneously. As a result, the machine’s run-up time is also reduced by at least 30 per cent. The Autoairo’s compact, double-sided design means that it takes up 40 per cent less space than single-sided machines. These features give the Autoairo a powerful productivity advantage, while at the same time lowering spinning costs.

This innovation significantly increases efficiency. It is fully automated with autonomous, intelligent spinning positions, revolutionising air spinning. With Autoairo, spinning mills can produce high-quality yarn more quickly, more cost-efficiently and more flexibly.

With more than 160 years’ experience, Saurer has always been committed to advancing the textile industry, integrating high-end equipment manufacturing with modern information technology to provide complete solutions for the smart spinning factory.


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