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US releases tariff list for 13,00 Chinese imports

The United States will impose tariffs as high as 25 per cent on some 1,300 products from China. These tariffs are because of what US it deems China’s unfair practices surrounding intellectual property and forced technology transfer. The list, though aimed largely at the aerospace, information technology and robotics industries, includes more than 80 products tied directly to machinery for apparel and textile manufacturing.

Tariffs will be imposed on textile printing machinery, carding machines for preparing textile fibers, textile spinning machines, machinery for producing textile yarns, weaving machines, circular knitting machines, flat knitting machines, embroidery machines, spindles and sewing machines—and many of the parts that go into operating those machines.

As tariffs are often little more than a hidden tax on consumers, prices in the textile and apparel sector could face increases as the new tariffs drive up the cost of doing business. Manufacturers may not be able to absorb a new 25 per cent tariff without passing at least some of the costs on, which could come in the form of higher prices for apparel.

The list doesn’t target apparel and footwear products directly. There will be no tariffs on US imports of apparel, footwear, and travel goods from China.