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VF Corp keeps it focus on responsible sourcing

VF Corp is committed to improving the lives of apparel and footwear industry workers and their communities around the world.

The company’s Responsible Sourcing program is a global collaborative approach to sourcing products responsibly, including collaborating with industry partners and multi-stakeholder organizations across 50 countries to maintain safe, healthy environments for workers, manufacturing products responsibly, and improving workers’ lives.

An integral component to VF’s Global Supply Chain organization, the Responsible Sourcing program ensures VF’s more than 1,000 contract suppliers and sourcing partners are operating with the same high standards VF sets for its owned and operated manufacturing operations. VF shares with its supply chain partners the company’s manufacturing best practices and knowhow, and often serves as a consultant to help them continually improve their operations and environmental and socially responsible initiatives.

VF Corporation is changing to a circular business model. Consumers come back with lightly used jackets, shoes, clothes, and they get some type of incentive to purchase something new. VF takes those products and, through a third party, cleans, resells, and recycles them. VF, based in the US, is an apparel, footwear, and accessory company and has more than 1,500 owned and operated retail locations around the world across its brand portfolio. The company has found that every time a retail store has such a program, traffic to that store goes up, the conversion rate goes up, and the average retail sale goes up.