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Jeanologia launches H2Zero, first circular water treatment system


Jeanologiahas been a leader in the way that jeans are designed and produced with the integration of its technologies from the material to finishings and the software EIM achieves a true revolution by completely changing the operating model.

The company is rewriting the future of the industry and jean finishing with one of the key technologies: H2Zero, the first circular water treatment system which allows the same amount of water used in the process to be reused, creating the perfect circle.

The main objective of the company is its MissionZero: to dehydrate and detoxify the industry of denim finishings by 2025. All of the technologies they have developed over the years have been focused on this goal.

H2Zero is able to recycle 100 per cent of the water used and guarantees Zero discharge. This is how it reduces water consumption, energy use and eliminates discharge, saving more than 10m3 of water per hour. In 2020 Jeanologia saved about 15.5 million cubic meters of water, the amount needed for the annual human consumption of a city like Amsterdam