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MANTRA develops ozone treatment method to reduce water contamination


Surat-based-Made Textile Research Association (MANTRA) has developed an ozone treatment method that reduces not just the textile processing time but also the generation of wastewater with lower levels of COD (chemical oxygen demand) and TDS (total dissolved solids). Currently, textile wash processes consume substantial amounts of water about 2,500-6,000 liters, which generates large amounts of wastewater with high potential of causing pollution.

The ozone treatment saves 10-15 per cent of the water used besides drastically reduces water contamination caused by the textile mills during the wet dyeing process. Ozone reacts with inorganic and organic substances dissolved in water generating a variety of free radicals. There is no need to use sodium or alkaline agents during the ozone treatment, thereby reducing the chances of water pollution. For this method, ozone gas is generated with the help of electricity, which converts oxygen into ozone.

Munjal Parikh, Senior Scientist, MANTRA says, a lot of dyestuff, chemicals, auxillaries etc are applied in the water baths, creating ecological problems due to water contamination. The ozone treatment is the best answer to solve the pollution issue in the industry.


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