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TEXTECHNO Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) to introduce latest testing instruments

Textechno's new capacitive evenness tester for filament yarn COVAFIL+ with its new capacitive sensor design and a high-speed yarn twister achieves all requirements on an effective and reliable quality control system. The concept to operate the COVAFIL+ either as a stand-alone unit or in combination with Textechno's well-proved filament yarn testers DYNAFIL ME and COMCOUNT guarantees highest testing efficiency and flexibility, as - apart from tensile strength and elongation - all relevant yarn parameters can be determined with one test system only.

STATIMAT ME+ represents the new generation of the Textechno automatic tensile testers for yarns. Textechno's 'Cotton Control Line' is widened by several new instruments. The focus will be on the enhanced fibre bundle length and strength tester FIBROTEST, the Micronair Station FMT, as well as the automatic fibre-length-, impurity- and spinnability tester MDTA 4, now available from Textechno.

The FAVIMAT+ is the first and only tester to combine six single-fibre test methods in one instrument. The instrument can be used to test a wide variety of fibres, including Aramide, UHMWPE, glass and carbon. The test process can be fully automated by means of the AIROBOT2 system linked to the FAVIMAT+. The AIROBOT2 system features a tensionless storage for up to 500 fibres together with a fully automatic transfer mechanism, which feeds the fibres to the FAVIMAT+ testing instrument without using pretensioning-weights. ECHNO’s solution for those customers, who need a fast tester for single fibre linear density and tensile properties, is the FAVIGRAPH.