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Types of digital printing inks for various uses

Tom Young, Overseas Department Sales Manager, Shenzhen Ink Bank Graphic Technology Co. Ltd, one of the exhibitors in TPF explains that types of inks available and their application for textile digital printing. They come with their own features that suit various requirements.
Sublimation has applications for mostly fabric with more than 60 per cent polyester fibers. Textile printing with Reactive inks has applications for cotton, silk, wool, rayon and blended fabrics. Pigment is suitable for cotton, canvas, blended etc. There are also advertisement inks and office printing inks.

Sublimation is most popularly selling because now digital printing is getting more and more popular. And there is no need of screen printing and it can take on small quantity orders. The order can be taken the same day and executed simultaneously without any time lag.

Reactive dyes have advantages. There is no need to make screen; small quantities can be undertaken; it’s less polluting and is energy saving. Textile pigment ink can support almost every fabric. In addition to the advantages of reactive dyes, there is no need for washing or steaming. There is good color fastness. It has vivid colors and uses less energy. Nowadays pigment ink application is growing much faster than others.

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