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October 12th – 16th, 2023 

Fair Location: India Expo Center & Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR

IHGF Delhi Fair 2023

Indian handicrafts, a reflection of the integrity, style, and beauty of Indian culture, hold a history as ancient, diverse, and rich as the nation itself. These exquisite creations have been cherished worldwide for centuries, passed down through generations of skilled artisans. 

Indian handicrafts encompass a wide array of materials and design influences, serving as creative expressions of unparalleled craftsmanship.

The 56th edition of the IHGF Delhi Fair in 2023 presents an extensive collection of home, lifestyle, fashion, textiles, and furniture products for the upcoming season. This event brings together over 3000 manufacturers and exporters, all under one roof. 

Hosted at the prestigious India Expo Centre in Delhi-NCR, the IHGF Delhi Fair showcases more than 3000 new product offerings and introduces over 300 design innovations across 14 distinct product categories. It serves as the ultimate sourcing destination for retailers, importers, wholesalers, and design professionals.

IHGF Delhi Fair 2023

Visitors to the IHGF Delhi Fair can expect to find a dazzling array of Indian handicrafts, including:

Hand-woven textiles


Metal craftsWood crafts

Stone crafts

In addition to these traditional crafts, the IHGF Delhi Fair also showcases a variety of contemporary Indian handicrafts, such as fusion fashion, modern home furnishings, and unique accessories.



Overall Growth

Bangladesh's total RMG exports to the world reached US$ 31.99 billion during the January-August 2023 period, showing 7.27% growth compared to the same period in the previous year.


The EU is Bangladesh's largest RMG export destination, and it played a major role in the overall growth. Bangladesh's RMG export to the EU increased by 5.96% during the mentioned period, with a total export value of US$ 15.87 billion.

Among the 27 member countries of the EU, 21 countries demonstrated positive growth in their imports from Bangladesh during this period. However, Germany, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia posted negative growth.

USA, UK, and Canada

Bangladesh's RMG exports to the USA decreased by 8.08% during the mentioned period, dropping to US$ 5.69 billion. Conversely, exports to the UK and Canada experienced positive growths of 13.60% and 6.79% respectively, with exports amounting to US$ 3.60 billion and US$ 1.05 billion.

New Markets

Bangladesh's RMG exports to new markets continued to grow, reaching US$ 5.80 billion in Jan-Aug 2023, showing 28.31% growth compared to the same period in the previous year.

Among the non-traditional markets, Bangladesh's RMG exports to Japan, Australia, India, Turkey, and Brazil have shown impressive growth.



This London Fashion Week SS24 season, ISKO provided their latest innovation in material science to a new wave of top emerging British designers of the moment - Priya Ahluwalia, Masha Popova, Chet Lo and Aaron Esh.

Alongside supplying their latest denim fabrics, ISKO opened its doors to its London-based product development centre, Creative Room London, for finishing and washing of their final designs as well providing expertise and knowledge in denim design and construction.

Priya Ahluwalia

For Ahluwalia’s Spring Summer 24 collection, entitled Acknowledgements, Creative Director and founder Priya Ahluwalia’s research led her on a journey of creative rediscovery.

Chet Lo

This season, Chet Lo took an active stand in reclaiming the power lost during his youth, healing the childhood wounds inflicted by a society that sidelined differences instead of celebrating them.

Aaron Esh

The SS24 season marked the brand’s debut at London Fashion Week, a homecoming of sorts for Esh, who was born and raised in the heart of the British capital, studied at Central Saint Martins and became a finalist at the LVMH Prize earlier this year. 

Masha Popova

Masha Popova’s sophomore catwalk outing, MONSTER – was a “seasonless” offering.

Statement from Keith O’Brien, ISKO’s Senior PR Manager

“For us this Spring/Summer 2024 season it's important to continue to build on our passion for supporting the next wave of young creative talent not only in the UK but globally on their journey to becoming more sustainably minded.”


REDEMPTIVE by Wilson Choi shines at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong 2023


Hong Kong's own fashion sensation, REDEMPTIVE, by designer Wilson Choi took the spotlight at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong 2023, unveiling its latest collection that seamlessly blended street style with sustainability. This vibrant collection featured an array of ready-to-wear apparel and accessories that not only exuded style but also championed environmental responsibility.

REDEMPTIVE's commitment to sustainability was evident in the materials used throughout the collection. From organic cotton to recycled polyester, the brand embraced eco-consciousness in its designs. Moreover, the collection showcased upcycled pieces, breathing new life into existing garments and setting a remarkable example of sustainable fashion.

One notable aspect of REDEMPTIVE's collection was its inclusivity. It catered to diverse sizes and styles, designed to be a universal fit for individuals of all genders and body types. This commitment to inclusivity resonated deeply with the audience.

CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong marked a pivotal moment in REDEMPTIVE's journey. As one of Asia's premier fashion events, it offered the perfect stage for the brand to captivate a global audience with its innovative and sustainable designs.

Critics and consumers alike showered praise on REDEMPTIVE's collection. The brand's dedication to sustainability and inclusivity earned accolades, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in sustainable fashion in Asia.

A Brand with a Purpose

Founded by Wilson Choi in 2018, REDEMPTIVE is more than just a fashion brand; it's a mission-driven endeavor. Inspired by his upbringing in a modest family, Choi set out to create a fashion brand that would be accessible to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their income.

Sustainability lies at the heart of REDEMPTIVE's ethos. The brand utilizes a range of sustainable materials, from organic cotton to Tencel, and maintains partnerships with fair trade and ethical suppliers. Further, REDEMPTIVE employs water-saving and energy-efficient production methods, aiming to minimize its environmental footprint.

Beyond sustainability, REDEMPTIVE is socially responsible. The brand actively employs individuals from marginalized groups and donates a portion of its profits to charities supporting these communities. REDEMPTIVE strives to leave a positive imprint on the world, with fashion serving as just one avenue to achieve this goal.

REDEMPTIVE's Triumph at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong 2023

At CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong 2023, REDEMPTIVE showcased a collection inspired by the theme of "redemption." This captivating collection featured a range of pieces crafted from recycled materials, such as denim jackets and tote bags, symbolizing the brand's commitment to a sustainable future.

REDEMPTIVE's participation at CENTRESTAGE garnered widespread acclaim. Visitors marveled at the brand's dedication to sustainability and social responsibility, recognizing the impact of REDEMPTIVE's mission.


CENTRESTAGE 2023 Fashions sustainable future takes center stage


As the curtains fell on the 2023 edition of CENTRESTAGE, Asia's premier fashion event, a sense of accomplishment and innovation permeated the air. The four-day extravaganza had not only showcased the latest in ready-to-wear apparel and accessories but had also emphasized sustainability as a cornerstone of the fashion industry's future.

The emphasis on sustainability at CENTRESTAGE 2023 represents a positive step forward for the fashion industry. It underscores the industry's increasing awareness of its environmental and social responsibilities. Additionally, it reflects the growing demand for sustainable fashion among consumers.

The fashion industry is a significant contributor to global environmental issues, accounting for 10% of carbon emissions, 20% of wastewater, and 25% of landfill waste. The spotlight on sustainability is essential to reduce this impact.

Sustainability initiatives in fashion not only reduce the industry's carbon footprint but also enhance the working conditions of garment workers, who often face low wages and unsafe environments. By supporting sustainable brands, consumers can contribute to improving the lives of these workers.

CENTRESTAGE 2023 was a dynamic celebration of fashion, featuring over 240 brands and designer labels from 15 countries and regions. Its global appeal attracted fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals from around the world. Among the standout moments was the Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show, which prominently championed "sustainable fashion" as its central theme. Leading the way were designers such as DEMO, Children of the discordance, and FETICO, renowned for their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

CENTRESTAGE went beyond the runway, offering a plethora of engaging events, including seminars, workshops, and networking sessions. These platforms not only served as a learning ground for industry insiders but also facilitated valuable connections.

The 2023 edition of CENTRESTAGE proved to be a resounding success, garnering positive feedback from both exhibitors and attendees alike. The event holds a pivotal role in fostering the development of the fashion industry in Hong Kong and Asia, acting as a launchpad for brands and designers to showcase their work and connect with potential collaborators.

Emphasis on Sustainable Fashion

A noteworthy takeaway from the event was the prominent focus on sustainable fashion. Many of the participating brands and designers demonstrated their commitment to environmentally conscious practices. This shift toward sustainability is pivotal, underscoring the industry's evolving awareness of its environmental footprint.

The sustainability aspect displayed by exhibitors at CENTRESTAGE 2023 was impressive and reflects the industry's growing commitment to sustainability. Some exhibitors showcased their dedication in the following ways:

DEMO: This Hong Kong brand wowed attendees with a collection crafted from recycled materials, including ocean plastic and post-consumer waste. Their manufacturing practices included waterless dyeing and zero-waste cutting.

Children of the discordance: Known for their innovative designs, this Hong Kong brand incorporated sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. Their commitment extended to water-based and non-toxic inks for prints.

FETICO: Making its Hong Kong debut, this Japanese brand displayed a strong sustainability ethos. They utilized sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, while ensuring their manufacturing processes were certified by reputable organizations like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

The event went beyond materials and processes, as exhibitors incorporated sustainability into their messaging and branding. For instance, Hong Kong's V&A drew inspiration from nature and sustainability in both their collection and branding.

The resounding focus on sustainability at CENTRESTAGE 2023 is a welcomed development for the fashion industry. It indicates a growing awareness among designers, brands, and consumers about fashion's environmental impact. Furthermore, it reinforces the idea that sustainable fashion can be stylish, innovative, and responsible.


Emi Funayama her brand FETICO make mark at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong


Japanese fashion designer Emi Funayama and her brand FETICO made their Hong Kong debut at CENTRESTAGE 2023, Asia's leading fashion event. The brand was featured in the CENTRESTAGE ELITES show, which showcases the work of emerging designers from around the world.

Funayama's collection for FETICO was inspired by her own personal style and her love of vintage fashion. The collection featured a variety of classic silhouettes, such as A-line skirts and wrap dresses, in bold colors and prints. Funayama also used sustainable materials in her collection, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The FETICO collection was well-received by critics and fashionistas alike. Funayama was praised for her unique aesthetic and her commitment to sustainability.

In an interview, Funayama said that she was excited to bring her brand to Hong Kong. "Hong Kong is a very fashion-forward city and I think my brand will resonate with the people here," she said. "I'm also impressed by the commitment to sustainability in the Hong Kong fashion industry. I think it's important for designers to be mindful of the environmental impact of their work."

Funayama's presence at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong is a sign of the growing interest in Japanese fashion in Asia. Japanese designers are known for their innovative designs and their use of high-quality materials. Funayama's success at CENTSTAGE is likely to pave the way for other Japanese designers to showcase their work in Hong Kong and other Asian markets.

Emi Funayama and her brand FETICO are well-regarded in the fashion industry. Funayama is known for her unique aesthetic, which blends classic silhouettes with bold colors and prints. She is also committed to sustainability, using organic cotton and recycled polyester in her collections.

Funayama's presence at CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong was met with excitement from critics and fashionistas alike. Her collection was praised for its originality and sustainability.


AI x Fashion Reimagined at Centrestage Hong Kong


The 2023 edition of Centrestage Hong Kong, Asia's leading fashion event, featured a special section titled "AI x Fashion Reimagined." This section showcased how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to transform the fashion industry.

One of the most notable exhibits in the "AI x Fashion Reimagined" section was the "Virtual Fashion" exhibit. This exhibit featured a number of virtual garments that were created using AI. The garments were displayed on virtual models, and visitors to the exhibit could interact with them using VR headsets.

Another exhibit in the "AI x Fashion Reimagined" section focused on the use of AI in fashion design. This exhibit featured a number of examples of how AI is being used to generate new and innovative fashion designs. For example, one of the exhibits showed how AI is being used to create designs that are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each customer.

In addition to the exhibits, there were also a number of talks and workshops on AI and fashion at Centrestage. These events covered a wide range of topics, such as the use of AI in fashion design, production, and retail.

The "AI x Fashion Reimagined" section at Centrestage Hong Kong was a success, and it helped to raise awareness of the many ways in which AI is being used to transform the fashion industry. AI is already having a major impact on the fashion industry, and its importance is only going to grow in the future.

The future of AI in fashion

AI is being used to transform the fashion industry in a number of ways. For example, AI is being used to, Generate new and innovative fashion designs, Create designs that are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each customer, Improve the efficiency of fashion production, Reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry AND Combat counterfeiting

As AI continues to develop, it is likely to have an even greater impact on the fashion industry. For example, AI could eventually be used to create custom-made clothes that are perfectly tailored to each individual. AI could also be used to develop new sustainable fashion materials and production methods.

The future of AI in fashion is bright, and it is exciting to see how this technology will continue to transform the industry in the years to come.



The International Apparel Federation (IAF) has unveiled an innovative export support solution, 'Gateway to Europe,' designed to streamline and enhance the global fashion export process. This comprehensive service covers marketing and sales, logistics and fulfillment, customs and VAT, financial organization, and compliance with regulations.

Fashion exportation across continents is a multifaceted challenge, requiring expertise in marketing, agent and distributor selection, timely product delivery, and cost-effective fiscal management amidst a complex legal landscape. 'Gateway to Europe' addresses these hurdles by leveraging a network of industry specialists chosen for their track records and fashion industry focus.

One unique aspect of this initiative is its alignment with IAF's global industry association members. Powered by Greenway Logistics, 'Gateway to Europe' presents an invaluable resource for associations to enrich their memberships. National fashion industry associations can collaborate with 'Gateway to Europe' to offer a plug-and-play export service to their members, greatly increasing their chances of success.

This initiative empowers fashion and sports industry associations to facilitate business expansion for their members. To kick off, 'Gateway to Europe' will host a webinar for members of the Canadian Apparel Federation, with plans to extend its services to other non-EU countries in the near future.



Key members of the Swedish Textile Machinery Association (TMAS) are set to participate in the upcoming ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition, scheduled from November 19-23, 2023, at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai, China. With robust support from TMAS representatives, local staff, and agents, this event emphasizes the significance of China as a global textile manufacturing powerhouse.

TMAS secretary general Therese Premler-Andersson expressed optimism regarding China's recovery from the pandemic, highlighting its massive domestic market and advanced infrastructure. Despite competition from neighboring countries like Vietnam and India, China's advantages remain prominent, with its factories offering a comprehensive range of garment industry products.

In weaving, TMAS members like Vandewiele Sweden AB and Eltex are addressing a substantial market, primarily in Asia. Vandewiele Sweden AB leverages its expertise to supply weft yarn feeding and tension control units, enhancing productivity in weaving looms. Eltex, with nearly 70 years of yarn sensor technology experience, introduces intelligent solutions that monitor yarn and sewing thread tension, contributing to product quality and safety.

TMAS also emphasizes the role of digitalization, automation, and AI in sustainable textile industry advancements. Members are actively replacing water and energy-intensive dyeing and finishing technologies with innovative digital alternatives. For instance, Baldwin's TexCoat G4 spray technology reduces water, chemical, and energy consumption, aligning with government incentives to promote eco-friendly practices.

TMAS envisions fruitful discussions at ITMA Asia + CITME, supporting China's transition towards more sustainable textile manufacturing processes.


CENTRESTAGE HK Pavneet Kaur India wins Peoples Choice at the Redress Design Award 2023


Starting  her journey  from a small town in UP in India, Pavneet Kaur, to become the People's Choice winner at the Redress Design Award 2023 at Centrestage, Hong Kong.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India,  a young designer's journey into the world of sustainable fashion took flight. Pavneet Kaur, a 25-year-old creative visionary, stumbled upon a treasure trove of discarded turbans, traditionally worn by Sikh men, hidden away in her father's wardrobe. Little did she know that this humble discovery would serve as the spark for a remarkable odyssey that would lead her to become the People's Choice winner at the Redress Design Award 2023.

Pavneet's story is a testament to her unwavering commitment to sustainability, creativity, and her ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. From her early days of collecting discarded turbans to her groundbreaking collection 'EUTOPIA,' inspired by the solarpunk movement, she has left an indelible mark on the fashion world. This is the tale of a designer who challenged tradition with innovation, made sustainability her core mission, and inspired a global audience with her passion and creativity. Join us as we delve into Pavneet Kaur's extraordinary journey into the heart of sustainable fashion.

The Humble Beginnings

Pavneet Kaur's journey into sustainable fashion started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In her hometown in Uttar Pradesh, she stumbled upon a trove of discarded turbans, traditionally worn by Sikh men. These vibrant textiles, hidden away in her father's wardrobe, became the catalyst for her remarkable journey.

EUTOPIA - A Vision of Sustainability

Inspired by the solarpunk movement, Pavneet conceived 'EUTOPIA.' Her collection embodied a vision of a bright and ecological future. It featured a dazzling color palette, including neon green, orange, yellow, and pink, symbolizing her optimism for the world of sustainable fashion.

Transforming Turbans into Timeless Designs

Pavneet's creative genius transformed discarded turbans into timeless and oversized silhouettes. Her collection boasted dresses, shirts, and jackets designed to cater to all ages and sizes. These turbans, crafted from cotton and silk, underwent meticulous upcycling using innovative techniques like patchwork and appliqué, ensuring they were not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable.

Sustainability at its Core

Beyond aesthetics, Pavneet's collection had a profound impact on her local community in India. She aimed to provide fair employment opportunities to local expert artisans while preserving India's rich arts and crafts heritage. Her work was a testament to her dedication to sustainability and reimagining fashion's role in creating positive change.

Challenging Tradition with Innovation

Pavneet was passionate about working with waste materials and exploring innovative design solutions. Her mission was to challenge traditional fashion practices and inspire a more conscious approach to fashion consumption. Her dedication was evident in every piece she created.

The People's Choice Winner

Pavneet's commitment to sustainability earned her the People's Choice Award at the Redress Design Award. Her journey with the competition was filled with circular challenges, factory tours, and mentorship from industry leaders. She even secured a $2000 prize for winning a sustainable packaging challenge.

Mentorship and Recognition

Throughout her journey, Pavneet had the opportunity to interact with renowned mentors like Orsollad Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution. Their guidance and mentorship provided invaluable insights, helping Pavneet take her brand to the next level.

A Testament to Passion and Creativity

Pavneet's journey, from collecting discarded turbans to becoming the People's Choice winner at the Redress Design Award, was a testament to her passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to driving sustainability in the fashion industry. Her story served as an inspiration to aspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, demonstrating that with vision and determination, one could make a profound impact on the world of fashion and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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