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Bangladesh is denim frontrunner

Bangladesh now leads denim garment making across the globe as it has already developed a strong washing capacity. Work orders from US buyers are increasing as they are decreasing their sourcing from China due to the trade war between the two countries.

Due to the growing demand, especially for more value-added products, a few denim fabric makers are now introducing the latest technology including rope dyeing. Rope dyeing is considered to be the best possible indigo dyeing method for yarn as the short dyeing time doesn’t allow indigo to fully penetrate the fibers, thus creating ring-dyed yarn that fades better and faster than fully-dyed yarn. Shade variation is comparatively lower in the rope dyeing process than the most used slashed dyeing. Less water is consumed while chemical use is high. Another aspect of the process is it provides a deep indigo look, the unique look that denim lovers are looking for. Though rope dyeing machinery installation cost is higher than slashed dyeing, buyers offer a ten to 15 cent higher price due to its color and quality.

Bangladesh is now the top denim supplier to the European Union, overtaking China, and the third largest to the US, after China and Mexico.