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Creativity and fashion to the fore at Spinexpo

Spinexpo took place in China, September 4 to 6, 2018. This is an exhibition for fibers, yarns, knitwear, knitted fabrics and creative machinery. Exhibitors brought creativity and interesting fashion projects to the exhibition and helped enhance it aesthetically. The exhibition attracted 8,677 Chinese visitors and a total of 1,645 visitors from outside China. The atmosphere at this edition was positive, despite the current market uncertainties. Visitor numbers from Europe continued to increase, and the number of visitors from Taiwan grew considerably.

For the first time since its launch, Spinexpo presented developments in the socks sector. The general climate in the textile industry in Europe and the US is not very good, with Europe suffering real stagnation while results for the US have been below average. For many Chinese and non-Chinese exhibitors, the Chinese market has become essential for their results, as consumer growth in the mid to high end product sector in China has helped them cope with the fall in the markets of other continents.

Brands were increasingly looking for smarter, recyclable or eco-friendly products at a time when material purchase prices are far from favorable. Increase in price of raw materials has had an impact on collections of spinners, and consequently knitwear manufacturers, as well as on the sales prices of brands.