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Denimazing shows the way as a virtual marketplace for denim companies


Denimazing shows the way as a virtual marketplace for denim companiesIt’s said, winners seek opportunity in every adversity. So, when 2020 forced retailers to shut physical stores, Laura Pianazza, Founder, Denimazing, came up with a unique idea of launching an online platform for facilitating B2Bb/B2C sales of denims.

Denimazing, the platform is a combination of two words: Denim + Amazing. It helps small and medium sized companies increase online sales by developing intelligent marketing strategies through technology and professional experience. The platform helps denim fabric manufacturers, finished product brands and distribution companies sell their products to a large customer base.

Fabric selling services and courses

The platform also helps B2B companies sell their own fabrics through 3D presentations and virtual showrooms. Brands can sell their fabrics on an e-Denimazing shows the way as a virtual marketplace for denimcommerce site through virtual showrooms and chats or video calls with customers. Service providers like coloring, washing etc, can avail individual virtual rooms to interact directly with sales managers from brands and companies.

Denimazing’s partnership with the marketing and online sales agency Velvet Media, helps the platform grow during various phases of its construction, marketing and advertising; both traditional and via web and social medias. The platform also offers a series of high-level technology/web master courses by a team of qualified professionals having vast experience in denim, design, sales and marketing.

Digital challenges in denim selling

A vast experience in the editorial department of a European denim-focused trade magazine helps Laura Pianazza develop a strong network with entrepreneurs, top management and marketing agencies. Her constant interaction with customers enables her to highlight the current digital challenges that most Italian companies face including the disintegration of online services and a lack of connect between technology and marketing strategies. And as Pianazza explains, many firms fail to invest time and resources in this transformational in business shift.


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