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EU seeks thicker winter clothing to fight energy crisis


Due to the energy crisis in Europe it has been receiving requests for thicker winter clothing to cope with the cold since the use of in-house heaters has been reduced.

So that is a market in which Hayleys sees an opportunity. Hayleys Fabrics, based in Sri Lanka, produces around 17,326 metric tons of fabrics a year.

Europe is in an energy crisis with the reduction of gas supplies from Russia. Gas prices have skyrocketed in the EU, which has impacted the price of electricity produced in gas-fired power plants and affected electricity prices overall.Due to the energy crisis, the European Union has taken measures to reduce electricity use by ten per cent. With energy consumption being reduced, the EU has warned member countries to be prepared to withstand a harder winter season where the energy consumption usually goes high.

Hayleys is also focused on designing and manufacturing high tech sportswear, in particular, more water absorbing and heat resisting clothes.

Hayleys Fabrics commenced operations in 1993 and specialises in the synthetic range of knitted fabric suitable for active wear, lingerie and casual/lounge wear in addition to its regular cotton range. Rotary printing, sublimation printing, sueding and brushing fabric, and many chemical finishes are some of its value-added technical capabilities to ensure a complete range which is capable of meeting customer or brand requirements.


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