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Flat knit machine maker Stoll makes inroads in Africa

Stoll has built a strong business across Africa. Its business activities across the vast African continent have seen the firm support knitwear production in a number of different markets. For more than four decades, Africa has played a significant role for Stoll. In South Africa and in markets such as Kenya, Stoll machines, built in the 1950s and 1960s, are still running.

Stoll, based in Germany, is a flat knitting machine builder. The company has successfully served markets such as South Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar and the North African states, including Libya, for many years.

Stoll has played a major part in the growth of South Africa’s high fashion sector. Most South African department stores source knitwear that has been produced on the east coast. Sourcing companies mainly rely on knitters equipped with Stoll machines as they appreciate the great flexibility of proven Stoll technology. Even new start-ups, most of whom have had no experience of flat knitting machines, are profiting from luxurious knitwear by investing in Stoll machines.

Together with local partners, Stoll assures a high level of customer satisfaction in all required fields. Its common aim is to further grow together with existing Stoll customers and potential customers.