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Hyosung FDC unveils FW 25/26 Textile Trend report


Hyosung's Fashion Design Center (FDC) has unveiled its highly anticipated FW 25/26 Textile Trend report, signaling a strategic shift towards sustainable textile solutions amid global climate change and the rising cost of living.

Gary Oh, Team/General Manager, Hyosung FDC, underscores consumers' growing preference for durable, multi-functional garments that minimise carbon footprint and promote energy efficiency. To address these evolving consumer demands, FDC has presented three thematic trends for FW 25/26, leveraging Hyosung's creora and regen brands of spandex, performance nylon, and polyester yarns. These themes include:

Minimal for Future: Focused on versatility and sustainability, this theme advocates for seasonless, genderless, and ageless apparel. Emphasising thermal regulation to reduce home energy consumption, the sub-trends - All-Round Basics, Thermal Resilience, and Nature Power - highlight blends of natural fibers and bio-based synthetics.

Well-Being Theory: Centered on comfort and softness, this theme champions apparel that promotes wellness and relaxation. Featuring Body-Hugging Softness, Comfy Stretch, and Reimagined Ribs, the trend emphasises barely-there textures and refined fabrics for a luxurious feel.

Conscious Preparation: Celebrating the benefits of nature, this theme advocates for earth-friendly, adaptable apparel suitable for various weather conditions. With sub-trends like The Sweat Life, Mindful Explorer, and Lightweight Adventure, consumers are encouraged to embrace outdoor activities while minimising environmental impact.

Reflecting a concerted effort to align with consumer values, Hyosung's FW 25/26 Textile Trend report offers innovative textile solutions that prioritise sustainability, functionality, and comfort across the fashion industry.


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