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Inditex expands low-cost brand Lefties to counter competition from Shein


Parent company of Zara, Inditex is strategically expanding its low-cost brand, Lefties, in response to the growing competition from Shein, a Chinese-founded online marketplace. The emergence of Shein, known for its budget-friendly prices, has pressured retailers like Inditex and H&M to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Once known for its affordability, Zara has faced challenges in maintaining its competitive edge on pricing due to inflation and a shift towards a more upscale clientele. In response, Inditex is bolstering its budget-friendly offerings, with Lefties at the forefront of this strategy.

Originally conceived as an outlet for Zara's excess inventory, Lefties now operates in 17 countries, including emerging markets like Egypt, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. Its growth underscores Inditex's commitment to catering to value-conscious consumers, even as it continues to strengthen its flagship Zara brand.

Lefties' expansion is particularly notable in Spain and Portugal, where it has seen significant customer growth, positioning itself as a viable alternative to Shein's ultra-low prices. In Spain alone, Lefties has experienced a surge in customers, trailing closely behind Shein in terms of market reach.

The brand's presence in emerging markets aligns with Inditex's strategy to capture diverse consumer segments, especially those inclined towards budget-friendly options. This approach reflects Inditex's acknowledgment of Shein's influence in the fast-fashion market and the need to stay competitive.

On social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Lefties adopts strategies similar to Shein, leveraging micro-influencers to promote its products and connect with younger demographics. This contrasts with Zara's more traditional high-fashion aesthetic in its marketing approach.


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