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IPF report urges UK fashion leaders to create a circular fashion ecosystem


The Circular Fashion Eco-system report led by the British Fashion Council’s Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF) with contribution from the UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) calls on all those engaged in UK fashion to come together and create a circular fashion ecosystem for the UK.

The report seeks to address the industry’s impact on the planet through linear production models and defines the roles that all stakeholders, from academia to consumers, must play.

The report provides the fashion industry with three target outcomes which combined will allow for a viable, resilient and prosperous ecosystem – reduced volume of new physical clothing; maximized utilization and revaluation through product circularity; and optimized sorting methods and materials recovery. These outcomes are underpinned by 10 priority actions and 30 recommendations for an ecosystem of stakeholders who need to act collectively to succeed.

The priority actions involve efforts across many different parts of the fashion value chain. Each action area is equally important and has the potential to amplify the effects of the others – circular design; consumer empowerment; circular and sharing business models; demand for circular and sustainable fibres; post-use ecosystem; sortation and recycling; enhanced identification and tracking; ecosystem modelling; policy and regulation and infrastructure investment.