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Isko focusrd on sustainability in all its mills

Isko has a production capacity of 250 million meters of fabric a year and works with high street brands. Based in Turkey, Isko is the world’s largest denim supplier. It was the first denim mill in the world to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which evaluates all the environmental issues in the life-cycle of a product. It is also the only mill in the world to obtain life-cycle assessments, which assess environmental footprint, for all its products.

Isko is prioritising sustainability. It has assessed all its 25,000 products, so it knows exactly how much energy and how much water each one uses. Isko has been a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition since 2015. To reduce its environmental footprint, Isko is using lower-impact fibers and developing technologies that improve the performance of fabrics throughout their lifecycle. This is in addition to its leading methods of minimising water consumption and other kinds of waste.

The company has also developed numerous patented technologies that can be produced in any low-impact fiber combination, from organic to recycled. Its Reform stretch technology, for example, showcases how to design longer lasting, better-functioning products. Another example is POP technology, which combines one-of-a-kind shine with a unique silky softness that begins in the yarn and stays with the garment.