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Lenzing’s innovative fiber Refibra features 30% pulp from upcycled cotton

Lenzing has hit a new milestone with Refibra technology. The Tencel-branded lyocell fibers can feature up to 30 per cent of pulp made from upcycled cotton scraps collected from garment manufacturing processes.

Lenzing launched the Refibra brand in February 2017. It is based on the group’s Tencel fiber, with the addition of cotton scraps and wood. The fibers, part of the Tencel lyocell fibers of low fibrillation properties, have enhanced breathability and are especially well suited to knitted applications. Refibra fibers are produced using Lenzing’s well established Tencel production process. Lenzing’s new fiber Refibra is based upon a circular economy pattern. Refibra’s new special collaboration collection includes different indigo fabrics and jerseys as well as denims employing different mixes of Refibra with other recycled or sustainable fibers. Many companies offer their own interpretation of Refibra fiber for jeans and casual wear.

Advances like these are important as climate change and an increasingly conscientious customer base pays more attention to the supply chain. There is an ongoing shift in consumer demand. The new consumers think more critically. They want to know where the product is coming from and they ask for transparency. Ethical consumerism is just at its beginning.