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Levi Strauss cuts down on water use

Levi Strauss is implementing a strategy aimed at significantly reducing overall water use. Suppliers are already engaged–and deeply invested–in the effort to reduce water use. In water-stressed regions, suppliers have begun to install water-efficient machinery and recycle water. The company will help its suppliers identify worthwhile investments in water projects and, in doing so, help them be successful over the long term. A tag sewn into jeans instructs consumers to wash their garments in cold water, line dry them when they do and donate them when no longer needed. There will also be more consumer-facing and in-store information provided to consumers in the year ahead. In addition, the company participates in a host of industry coalitions and is vocal about its water use programming and the need to work together across companies–and across industries–to truly achieve the necessary impact.

The brand does not believe that by focusing on more environmentally friendly items the prices of the final product may rise. On the contrary, it believes that suppliers can reduce their costs by reducing their water and energy use and becoming more efficient and sustainable in general. Levi Strauss is known for its brands Levi’s, Dockers, Signature by Levi Strauss and Denizen.