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Thai company develops textiles from waste

A Thai company Saha Pathana has partnered with Global Chemical, a petrochemical refiner, to develop textile products using plastic waste. In this partnership, Global will bring its expertise in the petrochemical business and manufacturing of plastic resin by incorporating innovative and groundbreaking technology.

The combined strengths of the two organisations will ensure the promise of long-term business and simultaneously maximise the potential for Thai businesses, while also corresponding with the growing trend of green business across the world. Global will also provide technological knowhow and support for transforming plastic waste into textile products.

The companies will focus on developing products that are less environmentally damaging, while bringing high standards to the task of reducing Thailand’s waste problems. Textile products created from plastic waste are an interesting business, as the global shift of sustainability and environmental protection continues to rise. Apart from creating high-value textile products from plastic waste, the business collaboration also aims at expanding into both domestic and international markets. The tie-up will also extend efforts to pursue corporate social responsibility activities such as exhibitions and community development activities.