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Vilebrequin unveils innovative customization boutique in Paris


Vilebrequin, nestled within the G-III group's array of brands, including DKNY and Karl Lagerfeld, is blazing new trails with the inauguration of an innovatice distribution concept store, spotlighting customization as its focal point.

Recently debuting a boutique on Paris's Rue de la Paix, Vilebrequin is revolutionizing swimwear with bespoke designs adorned with precious stones on silver accents. Embracing an artistic narrative, the boutique showcases limited edition embroidered swimsuits from the esteemed "Mistral" series, akin to museum exhibits.

Roland Herlory, Vilebrequin's CEO with a rich background including a stint at Hermes, expressed pride in pioneering this 'couture' venture. He elaborated on plans to tour these unique pieces across prominent European boutiques throughout the summer.

Concurrently, Vilebrequin is broadening its horizons, venturing into lifestyle diversification with the launch of "Vilebrequin Beach" destinations. Herlory envisions these locales as idyllic settings where patrons can embody the brand's ethos of vacation elegance.

The brand's sustainable ethos remains unwavering, collaborating with partners such as Woolmark and Reda Active to reintroduce natural fibers like wool and silk into their repertoire. Herlory envisions a future where synthetic fibers are entirely supplanted by their natural counterparts, aligning with principles of sustainability and durability.

Additionally, Vilebrequin is meticulous in adapting its aesthetic to resonate with each locale, as exemplified by collaborations with renowned designer Vincent Darré for the Cannes and Abu Dhabi beach locales, with plans underway for a Miami rooftop pool concept infused with the city's iconic Art Deco palette.

Vilebrequin's avant-garde approach, blending customization, sustainability, and locale-specific design, propels it to the vanguard of haute swimwear innovation, promising a future where luxury meets conscience in sun-soaked elegance.


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