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Xinxiang Chemical Fiber’s viscose being used to make saris

Xinxiang Chemical Fiber’s viscose filament has a 52 per cent market share in India. Viscose filament is used for manufacturing saris. The Chinese company’s yarn, which could be as thin as 20-denier or one third of the thinness of hair and which is of high breathability and without knots, is popular in India. The yarn can replace silk threads.

Products supplied by Xinxiang Chemical Fiber almost always meet quality standards. The company is principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of chemical fiber textile raw materials. The company's major products include centrifugal viscose rayon filament yarn, continuous viscose rayon filament yarn, viscose staple fiber, polyester, and spandex of five series with more than 100 varieties.

Set up in 1960 the company has the biggest viscose rayon yarn production capacity in the world. Its products go to more than 30 countries including Denmark, Italy, Japan, South Korea, India. Viscose filament yarn is a natural yarn made from wood pulp or cotton pulp. Owing to its silky appearance and feel, it can be used to make fabrics for clothing and home textiles. It is also widely used to make viscose embroidery thread.