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Chinese factory owners to extend holidays

The dismal performance of Chinese apparel and textile factories due to lack of orders is now forcing factories’ owners to extend their holidays to save operational and overhead costs in order to survive. As China Customs Statistics (CCS) reveals, China’s textile and apparel exports declined by 15.13 per cent on Y-o-Y basis to clock $15.43 billion revenue in March 2020.

Textile yarns and fabrics declined by 6.32 per cent and exports of the same valued at $8.92 billion, while the export of apparel and accessories plunged by 24.83 per cent to earn $6.51 billion revenue.

Apparel exports from China fell by 20.3 per cent to clock $14.27 billion of revenues in the first two months of 2020 and the continued dip in March which indicates the country doesn’t have significant export orders to cater to.

In order to stop the pandemic, majority of apparel markets put a hold on their retail operations resulted in a drastic fall in Chinese exports even in April. The orders, which Chinese factories worked once they resumed operation in March, were pre-holiday orders. However, majority of these orders couldn’t be shipped due to overseas outspread of COVID-19 and resulted in overall decline.

Textile manufacturers located in Jiangsu, Henan and other manufacturing clusters did not receive new export orders and domestic orders were sluggish too till mid-April.


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