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Innovative 'smart threads' can change the colour of clothes instantly

A new colour-changing thread developed by researchers in the US that could open up the possibility of using garments as tactile displays worn on our bodies. Not only could one switch from a black T-shirt to a green, one could also change the logo on top. The new technology called Ebb is showing plenty of promise and could eventually lead to brand new types of smart clothing.

The colour-shifting threads change their hues in response to electrical charges. It's being developed as part of Google's Project Jacquard - one of the company's spin-off endeavours that are looking into the potential of making our clothing touch-sensitive and interactive.

The demo video released by researchers, UC Berkeley in California looks incredibly awesome, it's been sped up significantly, and that's one of the downsides of the tech in its current form. Right now, it takes a while to change colours, so any kind of fast, responsive display is out of the question for the time being.