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Intex India, a B2B international sourcing trade show


Intex India stands as a pivotal B2B international sourcing trade show, acting as a critical meeting point for Indian and global suppliers. This unique platform facilitates direct access to the vast Indian, South Asian, and global markets, underscoring India's impressive manufacturing prowess, insatiable domestic demand, and burgeoning export potential. For international suppliers, it presents an unmatched opportunity to tap into this expansive market landscape.

By harnessing India's robust manufacturing capabilities and its commanding domestic demand, Intex India becomes a gateway to unparalleled opportunities. This event underscores India's role as the fastest-growing major economy, poised to reach a remarkable GDP of $7 trillion by 2030, alongside a burgeoning disposable income and soaring consumption trends.

In essence, Intex India serves as the nexus where businesses can thrive in the dynamic intersection of India's economic might and global trade, forging profitable partnerships and capitalizing on the boundless potential this market offers.



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