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Applied DNA Sciences unveils tagged thread

Applied DNA Sciences in partnership with American & Efird has unveiled a DNA-tagged thread that includes a DNA marker. This can test authenticity by adding a small amount of activator fluid to a swab that has been brushed on the product to collect a sample.

This is a biochemistry-based innovation in apparel authentication and can decrease the threat of counterfeit products in different industries. American & Efird is a thread manufacturer. With its array of thread products, A&E’s broad client base includes customers who use threads for industrial sewing, embroidery, consumer products and technical textiles. Among its clientele, A&E counts major fashion brands that rely largely on a reputation for quality and unique approaches to apparel manufacturing. This customer base includes makers of luxury apparel and accessories, a segment extremely vulnerable to counterfeiting.

Applied DNA Sciences provides DNA tagging as a type of verification to ensure authenticity of an array of products—from military electronics to Pima cotton. Through investing in anti-counterfeiting science at the beginning of the supply chain, manufacturers will not only deter counterfeiters but increase retailer confidence when selling to consumers.

The garment is brushed with a swab that becomes fluorescent under a black light after activator fluid is applied. By swabbing the fabric, testers at the end of the supply chain can verify a genuine article without damaging the product.